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LifeWorth Financial

It is so much more than the number on your balance sheet.
It is the story of the hard work and ingenuity that created it.
It is the reflection of how you’ve touched your family and community.
It will define the values and principles by which you want to be remembered.

Our Team

For several years, we have been working collaboratively to serve our clients while building a strong, customer-centered support team. It’s been a great partnership that signifies an even deeper commitment to guide and advise our clients for many years to come.


LifeWorth Financial uses a planning process to help clients clearly define and achieve the most meaningful and important financial goals with a comprehensive written financial plan, so they can plan wisely and live confidently today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Our planning process educates and supports our clients in a team environment to help them define and achieve the most meaningful and important financial goals of their lives by integrating their values into a comprehensive wealth plan.

Innovative strategies focus on effective risk management, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation to help our clients accomplish their objectives.

Four-Step Planning Process

Wealth Optimization

With financial independence, family legacy and social capital solutions in place, wealth optimization becomes the focus of the planning process. LifeWorth Financial uses a unique and disciplined values-based approach to help you make wise choices and to help ensure that your plan is focusing on what you value.

Our team breaks the planning process into four quadrants or phases, each one representing one planning cycle: Discovery, Creative Solutions, Strategy Deployment, and Results Management.

Working with a knowledgeable and experienced planner who has access to current technologies and a thorough understanding of tax rules and financial planning techniques is important. Working with an advisor who takes the time to understand your unique desires and goals is critical.

We will take the time to help you make that assessment, develop a plan that works for you, and provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully implement that plan.

Consider Us

Now that you have learned about how we help our clients with their finances here are a few questions to help you determine if we are right for you.

Ask yourself,

  1. Will I benefit from working collaboratively with a team of experts to develop the foresight to make decisions today that positively impact my future?
  2. Do I need strategies that not only focus on wealth accumulation but tax efficient wealth distribution?
  3. Am I willing to pay for professional advice and accountability?


Community & Charitable Service

YMWCA Central Carolinas

Conservation Trust of NC

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

Charlotte Lands Conservancy

Susan B. Komen

Life Span

Humane Society

Heart Tutoring

Blumenthal Performing Arts

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Classroom Central

American Heart Association

24 Hours of Booty

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LifeWorth Financial is a financial planning and wealth management firm. At LifeWorth Financial, we are committed to making sure our clients have a customized financial plan that best suits the needs of their family or business.