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Our team will collaborate to create your unique personalized plan. Just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” neither will your financial plan.

We dedicate time and expertise to making thoughtful decisions to make sure you build your financial future on a solid foundation. Below is a typical flow of first-year meetings.

We understand that you lead a busy life and, when possible, will combine and/or use virtual meetings to ensure that you and we are giving your plan the attention it deserves.

We promise to make it enjoyable!

Meeting One:

Listening and Learning

Goal setting
Investment Philosophy
Financial Independence
Risk Management Review
Education Funding

two people holding cups of coffee

Meeting Two:


Review Financial Plan
Provide Portfolio Recommendations
Provide Insurance Recommendations

a group of people walking on a rocky hill

Meeting Three:

Finding Economy Efficiencies

Income Tax Review*
Review First Portfolio
Performance Report

compass on a map

Meeting Four:

Legacy Planning

Estate Planning Review
Philanthropic Planning
Family Meeting (optional)

Elderly couple hugging each other while watching their grandkids play with their parents

Meeting Five:

First Annual Advisory Review

Advisory Review
Assessment Interview

Couple seeking financial advice

*Financial advisors and representatives do not render tax advice. Consult with a tax professional for tax advice that is specific to your situation.